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One Box Record Fair, Sun Dec. 5th at DownBeat in Yokohama

The long running One Box Record Fair makes its first journey down to the historic Noge neighborhood of Yokohama, with the latest edition Sunday Dec. 5th at DownBeat, one of Japan’s greatest jazz kissaten. There will be several dealers each with a box of vinyl for sale,...

New Remix Single from DJ Otsuka out 11/27

日本のジャズミュージシャンとのプロジェクトRM jazz legacyや、コンピのシリーズを展開していた Key of Life+レーベル3年ぶりのニューリリースが決定します! RM jazz legacyで、抜擢しました、セネガルのジェンベ奏者で現地でも有名な伝統音楽家、 オマール・ゲンデファルとのパーカショントラックで、私が初のリミックスワークとして仕上げたナンバーになります。 同時発売されるオマールのソロアルバムからのオリジナルをリミックスした限定シングルカットで 11/27に開催される「レコードの日」のタイトルとして、7インチ としてリリースいたします。 ぜひご紹介頂けたら幸いです! DJ Otsuka  ‘Mama Africa’ from percussionist and band leader Omar Gaindefall is on his latest solo album Dakar/Tokyo. Omar is from Senegal but has been settled here in Japan for many years...

Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival 2021

DJ, club owner and producer Shuya Okino started the Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival way back in 2003 as an event literally ‘crossing over’ all the genres of Black American Music, including not only jazz but also funk, soul, hip-hop, disco and house. Held intermittently over the years,...

Lee Morgan – ‘The Complete Live At The Lighthouse’

This is the big one, maybe the best box set to come out in years in any genre. A truly gorgeous overall package with extensive liner notes, photos and interviews, this 8-CD set presents the complete four nights of performances by trumpeter Lee Morgan and his quintet...

Billy Harper / Antibes ’75 (2021)

SAM RECORDS, a French label based in Paris that launched in 2011, has put out a previously unreleased Billy Harper live recording! Recorded on Black Saint in July 1975 at the Antibes Jazz Festival, it was carefully remastered from the master tapes. Includes a live version of...

Music Documentaries!

Through the end of this week, local broadcaster Peter Barakan’s curated film festival is on at the Kadokawa Cinema in Yurakucho. It will feature some classic and brand new music documentaries, including the very hard to find Our Latin Thing and The Jazz Loft.

Suga Dairo Trio

Recently I wrote the liner notes for a live recording made at the Shinjuku Pit Inn by the Suga Dairo Trio. Suga is a freestyle pianist influenced by Yamashita Yosuke, and his recent recordings are all wonderful, so I want to introduce this album from two years...

Randy Weston Melba Liston / Volcano Blues

Band leader and pianist Randy Weston was a genius who fused West African traditional music with modern jazz. For several years, his music was arranged and directed by female trombone player Melba Liston. Volcano Blues is a magnificent work with a large any horn section and percussion,...

South African Jazz Reissues!

There’s been a great influx recently of vintage South African jazz albums, from both well known legends, but also long forgotten players in the scene during the 1960s and 70s. Saxophonist Dudu Pukwana was a member of the pioneering SA Jazz group The Blue Notes, but like...

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@kolradio1 blog post→→→→
about "Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival"

DJ, club owner and producer Shuya Okino started the Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival way back in 2003 as an event literally ‘crossing over’ all the genres of Black American Music, including not only jazz but also funk, soul, hip-hop, disco and house. Held intermittently over the years, the last one was in 2014 so after a seven year break (and almost two years of no large music gatherings at all in Tokyo due to the pandemic), there was a lot of excitement about the return this year of the festival, held at the enormous Ageha club in Shin-Kiba.
... Check out the profile link😊😊

興奮冷めやらぬTokyo Crossover Jazz Festivalのレポートをアップしています!


We've put in the new single info in the blog 👍👍👍
Check out the profile link!!

‘Mama Africa’ from percussionist and band leader Omar Gaindefall is on his latest solo album Dakar/Tokyo.

Omar is from Senegal 🇸🇳but has been settled here in Japan 🇯🇵for many years as the leader of the popular band Afro Begue.

Along with engineer @tremorela Tomonao Tanaka, I have remixed the track and released it as a 7-inch single on my Key Of Life+ label, which will be out on November 27th here in Japan. Pick up a copy! DJ Otsuka @djotsuka


Airegin in Yokohama is one of the best live jazz spots in the Tokyo Metro Area. Check out the updated profile (and all the other 142 profiled Jazz spots!) at #japan #yokohama #bashamichi #jazz #jazzclub #jazzlive #livemusic #liveclub #vinyl #vinylrecords
#横浜 #馬車道 #ジャズ #jazzhistory

@kolradio1 レギュラーコンテンツ @mrokjazztokyo OK JAZZ podcastニューエピソードをUP!
イタリア🇮🇹ノルウェー🇳🇴〜US🇺🇸など新旧のジャズ、ソウル、ファンク、ロックから、アフリカ各地の音楽ミニツアー(セネガルからは、日本で活躍したする @afrobegue のジェンベ奏者、Omar Gaindefall注目の
@djotsuka REMIX singleもプレイ!) をお届けします!!

New jazz from Europe & the US, a mini-tour of African deep cuts and classics in Mali, Nigeria, Congo & Angola, DJ Otsuka Remix-Single, funky soul from Los Angeles & more!

Rachid Taha – ‘Ya Rayah’, album Rachid Taha (Algeria/France)

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – ‘The Joker’, album Express Yourself: The Best Of Charles Wright (USA)

Mark de Clive Lowe – ‘Thanks Given’, album Midnight Snacks (USA/NZ)

World Expansion – ‘Meeting Point’, album World Expansion (Italy)

Omar Gaindefall – ‘Mama Africa’ DJ Otsuka Remix (Senegal/Japan)

Djelimady Tounkara – ‘Sansenesougoro’, album Djely Blues (Mali)

Wrinkar Experience – ‘Ballad Of A Sad Young Woman’, album Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock Vol. 1 (1972-1977)

Bonga – ‘Boto Boto’, album Hora Kota (Angola)

Sam Mangwana – ‘Marabenta’, album Golden Afrique Vol. 2 (Congo)

Ben Lamar Gay – ‘Bang Melodically Bang’, album Open Arms To Open Us (USA)

Ronka/Sommer – ‘November’, album Varo (Norway/Denmark)

Tom Waits – ‘Hoist That Rag’, album Real Gone (USA)

Roberta Flack – ‘To Love Somebody’, album Quiet Fire (USA)

Recap of yesterday’s Tokyo Crossover Jazz Featival now up on the K.O.L. Radio website blog page #tcjf #tokyocrossoverjazzfestival #japan #jazz #blackamericanmusic #japanesejazz #vinyl #dj #musicfestival #funk #soul #hiphop #disco #housemusic #tokyo #ageha #club ...

Interview with Mr. OK Jazz in Russian jazz magazine @jazzist.magazine with pics from @tokyojazzjoints included!
О японском джазе ходит немало слухов — и порой достаточно странных. Приезжающие в Россию японские джазмены, за редким исключением, демонстрируют либо безумный, «краевой» авангард всех сортов, либо бескомпромиссно педантичную традиционность. Японский музыкальный рынок кажется отсюда одновременно странным и многообещающим, потому что там по-прежнему покупают музыку на любых носителях, по-прежнему издают журналы, ведут какие-то блоги. Каждый сколько-то серьезный ценитель джаза наверняка слышал о существовании японских специалистов по русскому (!) джазу, которые, выбрав себе такую специализацию, скрупулезно разрабатывают эту жилу и порой знают о предмете куда больше, чем сами россияне. Но что там в Японии происходит на самом деле — разумеется, не понять, пока не побываешь сам. Юрий Льноградский поговорил о Стране восходящего солнца с давно живущим там американцем по имени Джеймс Кэтчпоул, который с 2007 года ведет свой сайт Tokyo Jazz Site и старается всячески облегчить любому иностранцу первое знакомство с японским джазом. Читайте интервью на сайте


#tokyojazzsite #jazzist #джазист #интервью #джаз #странавосходящегосолнца #япония #культураяпонии #японскаямузыка #традициияпонии #идзакая #киссатэн #джазвинил #японскийвинил #винил

#Repost @djotsuka with @make_repost
I'll DJing @quattrolabo 🎧🎶with @kakihatamayu 👠👠


GUEST DJ :Mayu Kakihata 垣畑真由 @kakihatamayu

Resident DJ :Hiroko Otsuka 大塚広子

◼️11/27 発売の7インチをいち早く紹介します◼️

@quattrolabo は、
@technics_jp テクニクスSL1200Gのターンテーブル、Mclntoshの真空管アンプ、ARSのクラフトDJミキサー設置のmusic cafe & bar.



@quattrolabo has a Technics SL-1200G turntable, McIntosh amplifier and Alpha recording system wich is Japanese all handmade crafted DJ mixer.
You can enjoy the high quality sound.
cover art by witness @mitne5

#mayukakihata #femaledj #womaninmusic #womendj
#quattrolabo #クアトロラボ #渋谷パルコ #shibuya #tokyomusicscene
#technicsturntable #テクニクスsl1200g #テクニクスのある生活
#mcintoshamplifier #rotarymixer #レコード #vinyldjset #vinlylove #vinylrecords #rotarykonnection #djotsukahiroko

Some things never change. Pithecanthropus Erectus (直立猿人) in Kamata, Tokyo. #japan #tokyo #jazz #jazzkissa #jazzcafe #jazzbar #cafe #bar #records #vinyl #vinylcollection #ジャズ #tokyojazzjoints #history ...

@kolradio1 ブログを更新しました!⬆️プロフィールリンクからご覧下さい! New blog posts up on some essential music events happening in Tokyo, check them out at #japan #jazz #livejazz #clubjazz #jazzonfilm #dj #vinyl #tokyocrossoverjazzfestival @tokyocrossoverjazzfestival

#Repost @morleyradio
Tune in at 8pm on Saturdays for this great new playlist curated for Morley Radio by James Catchpole @mrokjazztokyo from the fantastic @tokyojazzjoints project with photographer @philiparneill documenting the fascinating culture of Japanese jazz bars.

Check out their incredible work at

And check out James' long-running for all the info you could wish for!
@jazz_kissa #jazzkissa #jazz #japan #audiophile #kissaten #tokyo #jazzbar #vinyl #vinylcollection

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