Interview #3 - Dan Hewins (Part 1)

Interview #3 – Dan Hewins (Part 1)

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Dan Hewins is a Tokyo-based record collector who since 2013 has been listening to and documenting with short reviews his listening journey through the entire ECM label catalog. Starting with the label’s first ever release, a trio recording by pianist Mal Waldron, Dan has slowly but steadily made his way through hundreds of albums, carefully noting his progress on Twitter and Instagram, along the way attracting hundreds of like-minded jazz fans following his progress. In this interview Dan talks with Mr. OK Jazz about the project, some of the high (and low!) lights, the wide range of sounds on the label beyond just the noted ‘ECM sound’ cliche, and his plans for the project going forward. The program is introduced in English and Japanese, with the full interview only in English. (NOTE: There were some unfortunate technical difficulties during the recording of this interview so some of the conversation cuts out suddenly; we will have Dan back for Part II soon to cover those bits and a lot more we didn’t get to in this session!) Follow Dan’s project on Instagram at @ecm_jazz

BGM: Paul Motian – “Dreamland”; Anouar Brahem – “Opening Day”; Stefano Battaglia – “Canzone Di Laura Betti”; John Abercrombie – ‘Back Woods Song”; John Surman – “Constellation”; Paul Motian – “It Should Have Happened A Long Time Ago”; Keith Jarrett – “Tributaries”

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