3/11/11 Mix by Plainstone

3/11/11 Mix by Plainstone

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Today we welcome back to KOL regular contributor Plainstone. This special selection of tunes comes from his collection with a short backstory. Back in March 2011, while on a trip to the Nagoya area to visit his wife’s family, Plainstone hit the local record shops as always, looking for hidden treasures. He made some good discoveries, and the hopped on the shinkansen back to Tokyo on March 11th in the afternoon..right when one of the most devastating earthquakes of the last century hit Japan. All transport was halted, and in the ensuing 6 hours, with phone access also knocked out, he spent a quite a bit of time reading all the album liner notes. Eventually he got in contact with his family and heard they were ok, only to that evening hear about the devastating tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima..

The music on this mix comes from the albums Plainstone had that day, a variety of sounds including local musicians such as Inomata Takeshi and Masuda Ichiro who kick off the set, but also Kurdish music, The Chaquito Orchestra, post-punk indie group Pram and much more.


年3月の東日本大震災の日の思い出のレコードたちで構成されています。この日彼が地方のお 店からの買ったたくさんのレコードを持って新幹線に乗ったあと、すべての交通機関がストップし、電話も通じない6時間が続きました。その間、持っていたアルバムのライナーノーツを全て読み漁ったといいます。


ByFromLanguageShow length
PlainstoneJapanNo talk1:07:41
The Dialogue with VibraphoneTakeshi Inomata with Ichiro Masuda
Burmese HarpBurma Song and Dance Ensemble
I’m Willing to RunJuanita Johnson & The Gospel Tones
OideThe Tchickys
Le Gule (Oh Rose!)Unknown Kurdish Musicians
From the Files of Agent 22Conjure
Sadao TabataBao Bab
Li’l PitFeeling Good
Silver NitratePram
Rainbow Papa’s Band’s SongRyojiro Furusawa Group
Seibu Keiji Daimon Keiji no TemaHornets
The Anderson TapesThe Chaquito Orchestra
Time of SeasonMonica Lassen & The Sounds
SunnyAkiko Wada

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