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Rejoice: Casual Jazz & Hip-Hop Mix by Takumi Koizumi & FK

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Takumi Koizumi is a label director, DJ, producer and for a long time the manager of Jun Seba, much better known as ‘Nujabes’, the legendary DJ and producer who was so influential in the Japanese scene for his work mixing hip-hop and jazz and chill-out sounds on his Hydeout Productions label, before his tragic death in a traffic accident in 2010.

The first half of the mix by Koizumi-san includes some of the great work Nujabes released on the Hydeout label, a couple of Nujabes’ own original tracks, as well as tunes from Japanese artists like Tetsuya Sagawa and Hiroto Uyama. The second half of the mix has tunes selected by DJ FK, some that influenced the sound and ethos of this influential label from Pharoah Sanders, Fumio Itabashi, and the Kenny Barron Trio.

日本のリリカルな世界観をヒップホップのフォーマットで表現した伝説的なトラックメイカー、nujabesが亡くなって10年が経った今、彼の世界的に評価されています。今回は、そんなnujabesの音楽を支えてきたKoizumi Takumi とFKによるミックスをお送りします。多くのDJやミュージシャンに影響を与えた日本の誇れるジャンルを世界に自信を持って紹介できる素晴らしい選曲です。

ByFromLanguageShow length
Takumi Koizumi & FKUSNo talk1:08:51
Feathernujabes (feat. Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE)
Reflection EternalClammbon with Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane from toe
Hikarinujabes (featuring Substantial)
81SummerUyama Hiroto
By and Bynitsua
Luv(sic.)nujabes (feat.Shing02)
Behind The PeakSegawa Tatsuya
Meaning of BlueFK
No One Like YouZack Austin 【FK】
Ocean SongPharaoh Sanders
Riogo OiwakeKenny Barron Trio
Lotus GardenFK
Another Reflectionnujabes
Joachim KuhnHousewife's Song
FavoursHank Jones
The Signnujabes(feat.Pase Rock)
WataraseItabashi Fumio

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