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Malaysian Music Mix by Bihzhu

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From the fascinating country of Malaysia! Singer/Songwriter Bihzhu,originally from the historic and beautiful island of Penang on the west coast of the country but now based in the capital Kuala Lumpur, introduces a wide range of performers almost entirely from the independent scene, mainly musicians not signed to major labels, yet who form the backbone of a thriving non-mainstream scene.

Malaysia is a very multicultural country, and this mix features songs in several languages kicking off with a track from vocalist and sape player Alena Murang introducing the local a folk tune of her native region Sarawak.

The mix then jumps into the modern Malay pop of young singer Khodhi, and the brand new release from Bihzhu herself, her dreamy cover version of the beautiful song ‘Chendering’, written by one of Malaysia’s historical musical giants, pianist and songwriter Jimmy Boyle. Malay rock from the group Nadir with their contemporary version of a classic folk song, tabla player Santosh Logandran doing a heavy one in the Tamil language, vocalist Mayabayu singing in her native Kadazan language, modern R&B from all-girl quintet Crinkle Cut, and even one from mysterious, eclectic Takahara Suiko (stage name) & her group the Venopian Solitude

Malaysia is not a country that is really known worldwide for its music scene, and so we are really thrilled to have this mix to present here on K.O.L., selected for us by the amazing singer Bihzhu.



今日の音楽コレクションでは、これらの言語をいくつか聞くことができます。生まれ育った地域の民謡と取り入れ、マレーシア東部のサラワク州の母国語のケラビット語を含む複数の言語で歌った「Gitu’an」。若手シンガーKhodhiのモダンなマレーポップは、地元の「アスリ」のリズムをより現代的なサウンドにしています。そして、Bihzhu自身による新しいリリースは、マレーシアの歴史的な音楽の巨人の一人であるピアニスト兼ソングライターのJimmy Boyleが書いたマレー半島の東海岸にあるビーチからとった「Chendering」。

また、Nadirというグループが古典的な民謡を現代風にアレンジしたモダン・マレー・ロックや、タミル語を使ったタブラ奏者のSantosh Logandranのナンバー、ヴォーカリストMayabayuの母国語カダザン語のナンバー、女性だけのクインテットCrinkle CutによるモダンR&B、さらにはミステリアスでエクレクティックなthe Venopian Solitudeの曲もあります

ByFromLanguageShow length
BihzhuMalaysiaNo talk1:14:39
Gitu'anAlena Murang
Ikan KekekNadir
Maingi HutuAnna Chong
Yen DiSantosh Logandran
O SayangMayabayu
Mista PollutionBudak Nakal Hujung Simpang
Tenangkan Bontot AndaThe Venopian Solitude
AloneCrinkle Cut
Old FriendBillie Blue & The Nowhere Men
Mother NooseMia Palencia & Melina William
Chasing The HighBeat The System
Don't Wanna WaitClinton Jerome
Used To BeMaha Jeffery featuring Leon Sapphire
Mari MenariThe Impatient Sisters

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