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J-Jazz & Close Friends: Vol. 2 Contemporary Mix by Pascal Saraiva

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A return to K.O.L. Radio by Pascal Saraiva from France, known online as @Skalapin In September we heard Vol. 1 of his special mix which featured classic Jazz albums from the past, now in Vol.2 we’ll come up to the present, to hear some featured tunes from a variety of contemporary Japanese recording artists.

Kicking off with the Japanese instrument, jazz playing Karura Trio, and including the World Jazz style of Onuma Yousuke on guitar, and even into the Japanese club Jazz scene type sounds of DJ/Producers Matsuura Toshio and Okino Shuya, this selection of tracks shows that the Japanese jazz scene is as lively as ever, from labels such as Days of Delight, T5 Jazz, and Jazzy Sport.

今回のゲストセレクターは以前も日本のジャズクラシックスをセレクトしてくれたフランスのレコードコレクター、パスカルさんです。今回は日本の近年の作品にフォーカスしたJapanese Jazz mixの第二弾をお送りします。
和楽器のジャズトリオKARURA TRIOや、小沼ようすけのワールドミュージックアプローチのナンバー、松浦俊夫、沖野修也、Nujabes やJazzySportsのプロダクションなど日本のクラブシーン出自のトラックや、アンビエントなゼロ年代の発掘作品まで、近年の多彩な日本の動きを捉えたドキュメンタリーのような内容になっています。

ByFromLanguageShow length
Pascal SaraivaFranceNo talk1:04:31
Ninja DaisakusenKarura Trio
Up a StepKyoto Jazz Sextet
Music Is MineNujabes
TaroDays of Delight Quintet
Jun MiyakeAlviverde
Yosuke OnumaJune 7th
Yuzoraharete Hizuru
AirstreamGo Hirano
Memories of NanzenjiMark de Clive-Lowe
Suite For the VisionaryToshio Matsuura

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