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South African Jazz Reissues!

There’s been a great influx recently of vintage South African jazz albums, from both well known legends, but also long forgotten players in the scene during the 1960s and 70s. Saxophonist Dudu Pukwana was a member of the pioneering SA Jazz group The Blue Notes, but like so many musicians in that era he fled the oppressive apartheid system in South Africa and in 1968 recorded his debut album in London.

Only released in South Africa at the time, ‘Dudu Pukwana & The Spears has now been reissued on a lovely double vinyl set, along with 1969 recordings long unreleased. If you had to play just ONE song to introduce the joyous swing that is in almost all South African jazz, opening track ‘Pezulu’ would instantly show a new listener what’s to come. Dudu Pukwana would go one to record many more classics before dying too young at age at only 52 in 1990.

Also from 1968 but much less well known, the album Spring by the Ibrahim Khalil Shihab Quintet is now reissued for the first time in forty years. Known as Chris Schilder at the time (he converted to Islam and changed his name sometime after this recording), Khalil on piano co-leads a group with saxophonist Winston “Mankunku” Ngozi who recorded these five tracks in just one afternoon. I had the lovely title track ‘Spring’ on a SA Jazz compilation from some years back, and was always struck by the composition and atmospheric performance, so getting the whole album was a treat.

Both these albums come from the awesome Matsuli Music people in the UK, and you can hear a couple of tunes on previous episodes of the OK Jazz Podcast – #119 & #125.


サックス奏者のDudu Pukwanaは、南アフリカ・ジャズの草分け的存在である「The Blue Notes」メンバーでしたが、当時の多くのミュージシャンと同様に、南アフリカのアパルトヘイト制度から逃れ、1968年にロンドンでデビューアルバムを録音しました。

当時、南アフリカでしかリリースされなかった「Dudu Pukwana & The Spears」が、長い間未発表だった1969年の録音を加えて、美しい2枚組のレコードとして復刻されました。
Dudu Pukwanaは、1990年に52歳という若さで亡くなるまで、さらに多くの名曲を録音しています。

これらのアルバムはいずれも英国Matsuli Musicからリリースされており、OK Jazz Podcastの過去のエピソードでも紹介してみますのでぜひチェックしてください!

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