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Album Pick – Alkisah By Senyawa

Album Pick: Senyawa – ‘Aliksah’ (Indonesia 2021)

This is a brand new release by one of the most interesting bands in the entire world music scene. Duo Rully Shabara (vocals) and Wukir Suryadi (various instruments) sound like no other group I have heard. Rully’s vocals range from growls and piercing shrieks to Orson Welles type proclamations, and Wukir’s mixture of home made instruments with electronics are next-level Bone Machine era Tom Waits.

Their latest album ‘Alkisah’ is a masterpiece, a short 38-minute song cycle that chronicles the rise and fall of an idealistic civilization destined to collapse in chaos. Don’t worry, it may sound like a Rush album but it’s absolutely thrilling. Bonus points for being released on different labels in each music market, in differing artwork and packaging, done in an effort to decentralize the power of large music labels. One of the year’s best already.

Rully Shabara(ヴォーカル)とWukir Suryadi(その他複数の楽器)のデュオは、私がこれまでに聴いたどのグループとも違っています。Rullyのヴォーカルは、うなり声や突き刺すような叫び声からオーソン・ウェルズのような宣言のようなタイプのものまで幅広く、またWukirの自家製の楽器とエレクトロニクスの混合は、Tom Waitsの「Bone Machine」をネクストレベルにしたような趣きがあります。


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